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KARADA is a comprehensive salon for the body and wellness based on a fundamental improvement. It is the leading company in the health industry and has expanded 350 shops globally.

Since we created the education program through actual treatment experience of more than 17 million people, it is possible to foster therapists from inexperienced persons. This program is verified and acceptable globally through overseas development.

This business is not only a highly profitable business model, but is also a developing industry, the theme of which is “Health”. It will increase demands all over the world.

In the future, we will accelerate our development further in the world and would like to support the many people who are worried about bad physical condition.

Original Technique,
A.P. Balance

what is ap balance?

A.P. Balance course is supported by the largest number of customers of KARADA.

A.P. Balance treatment has been established based on the actual treatment experience of 4,550,000 people.

This is KARADA's original technique, which has been researched and put together several techniques in each country, such as chiropractic and finger pressure therapy.

The A.P Balance can improve the body fundamentally by aligning the Atlas which perform neural transmission to the brain as well as the main base of the body , Pelvis.

Due to such technique, KARADA has established a stable business model with a 78% next time reservation rate of customers, and an 85% sales ratio of repeat visits.

what is ap balance?


the positioning of KARADA

We can not only improve the discomfort body fundamentally with the best technique, but also we have a high quality of technique and hospitality mind. Because of that, KARADA maintains an original position which none of other body therapy salon nor massage shop can achieve.

  • That is shown by the results of
  • Operating Margin : 20%
  • Next time reservation rate: 78%
  • Repeater Sale composition ratio: 85%

Also, the strength of KARADA’s business model is to develop therapists from inexperienced persons through our training program created through the actual treatment experience of more than 17 million people currently. Such development know-how has been further polished and established through KARADA’s advancement into the global market place in Taiwan , the Philippines ,Thailand , Indonesia ,and Chine.

the positioning of KARADA


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